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The Rafting Trip Of A Lifetime!


| August 1, 2013

Thanks to Wiley, Joel, Andrew, and Wren for an amazing experience on our rafting trip. They were awesome. Each contributed in their own special way and couldn't have been any more pleasant and helpful. Special thanks to "Swamper Joel" for assisting Chris the last day as we hit the final rapids and she was "eating rubber" :)

Under Wiley's supervision we felt safe and secure the entire time. By the way, he is hilarious and extremely knowledgableabout the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. Our group was wonderful. We made new friends and everyone got along extremely well. Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Florida, Arizona, and Germany, among other places, were represented in our group.

The scenery is so magnificent that one can truly not put it into words. This whitewater rafting trip was adventurous, spiritual, confidence building, relational, and breathtaking all wrapped up in a wonderful package.

Literally, each bend in the river took our breath away as new scenery unfolded before our eyes. Maybe the 6 day trip is somewhere in our future.

John - Western Pennsylvania
Arizona - Grand Canyon Rafting 3 Day

Western River Rafting Trip
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