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The trip of a lifetime! Beyond all expectations!


| August 29, 2011

To our guides, Lindsay, Johnny, Brian and Shad, we will never forget this trip. I hope you realize the happiness you bring to so many. Awesome rafting, scenery beyond belief, 5 star meals, sleeping under the stars with no mosquitos, hikes to beautiful side canyons on the 7 day trip with waterfalls, swimming in the Little Colorado River and at Havasu, and neat rock formations. Fantastic guides that make it fun, interesting, and they work hard in 107 degree heat tending to your needs and cooking fantastic meals! And desserts! I won't ruin the surprises by telling you what they serve. A fun helicoptor ride out. Our fellow rafters were an awesome group of people that started looking out for each other on day 1. I never saw a snake or scorpion but did see an eagle, long horned sheep, and deer with babies. The water was cold but by day 2, you were used to it and bathing in the river was refreshing. Toilet options were very good. You DO need water proof pants/top for the mornings. A rain poncho cut up to jacket size makes a cheap top. Take a LOT of sunscreen and lotion, They also provide snacks on the hikes and appetizers before lunch and dinner and the coffee is good. Lightweight pants or long shorts and a long sleeved shirt are good for when you start burning. Some of us got a heat rash, so Benadryl cream would be good to take. Don't waste money on a lot of quick drying clothes as things dry really fast. I had back surgery over a year ago and sat in the padded chicken coop area, being on my knees during the rapids. I never felt that my back was jarred or jerked around, the motion was more a swaying up and down. If you have concerns, you'll have to decide for yourself, but I felt the back area of the raft made for an easy ride. My daughter preferred life on 'the rack' up front. You'll learn a new phrase, "suck rubber, honey", told by Johnny and modified (honey) by co-rafter Jeanette. What can I say other than I wish I could do this trip every few years and everything about it was wonderful. Our guides even pulled over after the big rapids to 'be there' for the smaller 3-4 man boaters in case they had problems and needed help. It wasn't just their job to serve us, it was their nature to be there for everyone. I wish everyone could afford to do this trip, our society needs more time spent with nature and wonderful people. Western River Expeditions has thought of everything and does it beyond 'excellent'!

Diane - IN
Grand Canyon Rafting 6 & 7 Day
5 stars

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