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This says it all – a little ditty


| September 15, 2010

A Grand Ditty.  Chappy and his Pappy named Jan, along the red river they ran.  Our pilot was Ben, a man among men, soon to be wedded, never single again.  Our guides whooped and they hollered; their jokes one big yuck.  There was glee when they told us of the rubber we should suck.  The kids they were fearless, the adults not so much.  And the "chicken coop" gang... remained safe in their hutch.  It was three days well spent, I think we all can agree, though our major concern, was where and when we could pee.  So, here's to our group, all were helpful and fun with much thanks to our guides, who were second to none.  But most of all thanks for this beautiful land, and a chance to be part of this Canyon so Grand.  Linda M. Aalto

Linda - Massachusetts
Grand Canyon Rafting & Ranch 4 Day
OverallRating: 5 stars
Western River Rafting Trip
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