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This was a GREAT vacation! – Rafting Grand Canyon


| July 5, 2011

LuckyI was a little hesitant about this trip rafting in Grand Canyon because I feared I hadn't physically prepared nearly enough. Unfortunately, I hadn't and there were several of the hiking expeditions I was unable to do. But that was no one's fault but my own. If it hadn't been for our guides -- Lucky, Newtie, Wren, and Kurt -- I could not have done half of what I did. It seemed Lucky and Newtie were always close by when I needed a "hand up". Thanks, guys! (don't get the impression from what I say that Wren and Kurt weren't great too) The four Guides MADE the trip be the experience it was!

The Grand Canyon was . . . beautiful. No other word fits. It was an awesome experience. The scenery was magnificent. What hikes I took were incredible. What could possibly be said about The Little Colorado River and Havasu Canyon were unlike ANYTHING I have ever seen.

The whitewater . . . what can be said? There is only one thing. Our four Guides made it seem COMPLETELY safe. Several times I felt Kurt FLY by me to help someone and once he did to save a loose shoe before Ken even knew it was loose! (We were on Newtie and Kurt's boat all the time.)

The food. I NEVER expected anything like the meals we got. Steaks, Pasta, Trout, etc -- who would expect such meals at the bottom of the Grand Canyon?

And now -- the guides. What can be said about Lucky? I can't imagine that you have a better Guide than him. (Though Newtie was 99.99% as good.) One day, two grizzled river runners rowed past us -- the very image of the pioneer river runners, whiskers and all. I mentioned that to my sister, all she said was "So what, we've got 'Crocodile Dundee'."

Newtie -- a master pilot and a great guitarist. That was an incredible concert that last night.
Wren -- the master of the Indian Flute. Who could forget that haunting song in the slot canyon?
Kurt -- boundless energy, always joking, he will be another Lucky someday.
Yes, I would definitely recommend Western River to anyone planning a Grand Canyon rafting trip.

Fred - Ohio
Grand Canyon Rafting 6 & 7 Day
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Western River Rafting Trip
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