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Trip of a Lifetime


| September 14, 2016

I first saw the Grand Canyon many years ago and have always dreamed of seeing it from the bottom up. I put it on my bucket list after being diagnosed with stage IV cancer in 2005. I finally made it and included my two sons, ages 18 and 20. I hoped this would be a bonding time for us.

Being away from all distractions in the grandeur of the canyon accomplished this and so much more. Disconnecting from our regular lives and sharing this experience with a great group of people and guides who were knowledgeable, personable, entertaining and just plain fun elevated our relationship and created memories that will stay with us for the rest of our lives.

The entire process of the trip was so well organized and each leg of the journey was amazing, from the propeller plane ride to the helicopter to the raft to the boat and even the comfortable coaches. The food was well planned and delicious. We were amazed at both the quantity and quality of the meals that were prepared on the banks of the river. The scenery was inspiring in a way that no photograph can completely capture. We arrived back in Las Vegas after our three days feeling a little tired but totally satisfied with our experience of a lifetime.

I hugged my two sons, who are now taller and stronger than me, around their necks and wept with joy for the experience we shared together. Thank you Western River Expeditions! You exceeded my expectations!

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Grand Canyon - 3 Day River Trip
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