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| August 8, 2011

My husband and I took our two grandsons, ages 10 and 12. They were the youngest on the trip, and my husband and I, in our 70's were among the oldest. We loved everything about it. Our guides, Brian, Shad, Lindsey and Johnnie, were knowledgeable, caring, and great cooks! Safety came first, as it should, but they made sure that we had lots of fun and wonderful experiences.

At the ranch we slept in covered wagons which, unexpectedly, were quite comfortable.

On the river, sleeping under the stars surrounded by the walls of the Grand Canyon was an amazing experience. If it sounds as though all we did was sleep, that is absolutely wrong! We ate! I still can't figure out how our guides provided pancakes, eggs, bacon, fresh fruit for breakfast, and grilled steak and trout for dinner.

But the best part was rafting on the Colorado River. The rapids were thrilling, the cold water during swim breaks exhilarating, and the water fight between our two rafts just plain fun. There were six children in our group and the guides really catered to them. We had an opportunity to see nature at its best on the hikes and at the waterfall. These are memories that will last a lifetime for my grandsons.

You don't have to be an athlete to go on this trip; you just need a sense of adventure.

Ruth - NJ
Grand Canyon Rafting & Ranch 4 Day
5 stars
Western River Rafting Trip
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