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| October 4, 2013

Our Western River guides did a great job of keeping us informed and building up the excitement from day to day on our Grand Canyon adventure vacation.  They worked hard, played hard, and were unfailingly helpful, friendly, and cheerful. Their cooking was plentiful and yummy.

The Colorado River was wild enough to give everyone as exciting and drenching a ride as they could want, and the "J-Rig" was big enough that there were little nooks where you could enjoy a lower-keyed adventure.

The scenery and nature was fabulous - mountain sheep sightings several times, deer, fox, ibises, herons, bats. And a memorable rainstorm during which flash floods shot out in massive churning arcs of muddy waterfalls from the canyon walls above us. We actually saw a waterfall being "born" and increasing from a trickle to a 20-foot wide gusher in a matter of seconds. Awesome!

Rob - Tucson
Arizona - Grand Canyon Rafting 6 & 7 Day

Western River Rafting Trip
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