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Western River Trip Reviews

Grand Canyon Rapid in Face

My Grand Canyon Rafting Trip was awesome! I went with my brother and enjoyed it all. The flight from Vegas to Bar 10 Ranch got me a little queezy, but I made it through.

Bar 10 was a nice way to get situated and ready for an adventure. It was cool to watch people shoot skeet that had never held a gun before. One lady at the ranch got too...Read More ›

Grand Canyon Lower Jrig Splash 4

Truly the trip of a lifetime. Went in with high expectations and they were exceeded in every way. And can't say enough about the guides. We had Joe, RD, Tyler, and Mackay. Each one of them went out of their way to get to know everyone on a personal level, they always made everyone feel included, and they had a superhuman amount of patience and an...Read More ›

Grand Canyon Reflection

The guides were excellent and the food they prepared was top-rate restaurant quality! The skill of the guides was evident in many facets and so much appreciated. The guides went above and beyond to ensure a great experience. We had great weather and the side excursions were beautiful. Wildlife sightings were common and the ride out of the canyon...Read More ›

Cataract Canyon Jrig Whitewater Approach

Guides were great, very accommodating. Need a few improvements.. loved the beach camp night but the other two were not good. One had no room for tents and blazing hot sun and other very thorny bushes.. secondly we need more then one day of rapids and third is less carbs .. more healthier food but I guess possibly hard to keep good.

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Grand Canyon Lower Captains Dinner

The guides, rapids, and scenery were great! The avocado hummus dish and veggie spaghetti sauce were delicious but as a vegetarian I was still a little disappointed in the selection of food. The guides did their best to work with what they had though. I do not recommend this trip if you are a vegan. I also enjoyed the geology and history lessons...Read More ›