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Western River Trip Reviews

Grotto Falls

I will start with the guides: all of our guides (led by Steve) demonstrated incredibly in depth knowledge of the history, geography and geology of the area. They were very thorough on safety precautions,what could go wrong and how to manage for risk minimisation. It seemed many of the rapids on our journey had local tales linked to them, the guys...Read More ›

Jrig Riding Grand Canyon

What a great trip! As a little girl growing up on the east coast I read stories of life out west and always wanted to explore different areas when I got older and on my own. I been to a lot of interesting places but this trip to the Grand Canyon ranks one of my best experiences! Since I retired from the tourism industry going rafting on the...Read More ›

Cleaning Desolation Canyon

When our parents announced we would be heading to the middle of nowhere for 5 days to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary we were all doubtful at best. However, given the magnitude of the event we hesitantly agreed to go along with the plan. Boy, are we ever glad we did! Despite rainy weather, lots and lots of dirt, tents/cots to be assembled...Read More ›

Hiking Grand Canyon

Loved everything about the actual trip. Had no idea what to expect but it was an incredible experience and the guides were great.

The one thing that could be
1. Taking Diet restrictions/limitations more serious - I had actual diet restrictions based on allergies vs. someone who just does not want to eat meat. I am extremely allergic to...Read More ›

Westwater Rafting
Michele . - | July 27, 2017

I actually did the Westwater Canyon in a day, not the multi sport. The staff was great and friendly and fun and there was nothing wrong with the service. The drive up and back to the river is an 1 & 1/2 hours. Then once you are on the river it takes about another 1 hour before you get to rapids and then you have about an hour after the rapids...Read More ›

Jackeidson Beavertail Catcus and Brittlebush

All of the guides were outstanding. The group of guides worked continuously throughout the trip and they were always watching out for our safety. Food was excellent. Overall, I had the trip of my lifetime and I would certainly make the trip again with Western River Expeditions if possible.

Some concerns for your firm and future trips and...Read More ›

Costa Rica Vacation Package Gorge Rafts
We arrived a day early to have time to see San Jose and that proved to be a great decision. Such a lovely and historical city. We loved staying at the Grano de Oro. The rafting portion of the trip was pleasant and very enjoyable with excellent guides. The Pacuare Lodge was a total surprise. The spacious cabins had a large veranda size front porch...Read More ›
Floating Down Colorado River

This was a life changing trip. I am a busy attorney who questioned whether I could be off the grid for 6 days. No problem. We spent the day talking, meeting new friends, hiking, staring at the most beautiful scenery you can imagine.

No one slept with a tent because you didn't want to miss the most beautiful sky you would ever see. And...Read More ›