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Western River Trip Reviews

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Kara Yaeger. - | September 11, 2021
Mackay, Shad and swampers extrordinaire Mark and Mairead made this trip amazing! No words can adequately describe the images and emotions that will accompany us for a lifetime. Thanks Western River and team for the forever memories.Read More ›
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Even after 6 days floating and bouncing down the Colorado River, I never tired of the ever changing views, shadows, stars, sunrises or sunsets. The crew, food, companionships were perfect. It was an opportunity of a lifetime that I am glad I wasn’t afraid to conquer.Read More ›
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My favorite things about Rafting the Grand Canyon

  1. COMARADERIE-Great group of people and the adventure was exceptional. I got to spend more time with old friends and met some wonderful new ones.
  2. Side hikes, especially at Elves Chasm (The patio and the Petroglyphs), Havasu Falls, the little Colorado (too bad...Read More ›
An expedition they said, sleep outside they said, ride a raft through the rapids🌊 they said, suck rubber(?) they tell me... Well, I said ok I'm up for an expedition, sleep outside on purpose, ok, why not I'm game! Ride the waves 🌊 of the Colorado River down in the Grand Canyon, 👍 yep let's do it! But wait... what's "Suck Rubber?" Well, if you...Read More ›
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Joseph Armstrong. - | September 2, 2021

A sovereignly timed trip that was just what I needed. 6 days with no cell phone service does a soul good. RD, the Newty's, and Maired were beyond excellent.If you've thought about doing it and have the time and $$, DO IT!!

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Our trip for the 6 day river rafting was awesome. Was a bit nervous before we went, not sure how’d I’d like living outside for a week but instead we had so much fun with the rafting, camping, meeting some great people and the meals were unbelievable! Our raft guide Ben and his assistant Aaron were the best. They made our trip so very enjoyable....Read More ›

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This was four days of everything you could ask for. One and half days of lazy floating and sleeping out under the stars. Then a half-day of beginner rapids followed by a lightning and thunder extravaganza the second night. Day three was rapids and rain. The last day was easy with numerous waterfalls coming over the canyon rim. It was great but...Read More ›