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What an Inspirational and Life-Changing Experience!


| July 13, 2016

This rafting trip was a wonderful adventure for me, my sister, and her daughter (my niece) upon the occasion of my niece's graduation from high school. We all had a terrific time and the whole thing was a fabulous experience. The trip was very well-organized and structured enough for comfort but not so much so that it was stifling or restrictive in any way - it was perfectly balanced.

The staff both on the ranch and down on the water were lovely. Everyone was knowledgeable and kind, helpful but not intrusive. And the experience rafting and camping was glorious because the staff and guides had the logistics and mechanics of the entire operation down to a science. All landings and camps, meals, and breaks ran like a well-oiled machine because of the professionalism and experience of the guides, which allowed us - the tourists - the luxury of enjoying every moment in the canyon without fear or concern. Any questions we had were answered with good cheer and patience.

Our trip embodied - at least for us - the perfect balance of free time if we wanted it and choices of activities if we wanted that - no pressure to do a set amount of anything except pitching in when the group unpacked and packed and set up and tore down camp.

We also had a wide range of ages and backgrounds represented in our group, which - again for us - added immeasurable value. Seeing the sights through the eyes of kids (all of whom were blessedly well-behaved) contributed to my enjoyment of what we saw and did. Likewise, riding on a boat down through the canyon along side a 70+ year old lifelong educator brought in a completely different perspective that also greatly enhanced the experience!

I really cannot say enough good things about our trip, and I cannot wait to go again. My sister and I are already thinking that after our vacation next summer (Yosemite!) we will book a rafting trip that begins at Mile 0 for the summer of 2018!!!

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