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| November 1, 2016

The trip was awesome! Every minute of every day is stunningly beautiful. Western River Expeditions does such a good job of organizing. I was so happy to be traveling with Western Rivers, and I would most definitely go with them again.

The food was unbelievable! Ice cream on Day #4--who would believe that?! We were in awe of Corey's and Ben's boathandling skills. We loved Stephanie's information, Ben's great ability as a story-teller, and Parker's energy. My whole family of five was happy.

Yes, it was great. My only sadness was that we did not do more hiking during the first few days, but the Little Colorado was muddy, so we didn't stop there, and there were too many rafts at Clear Creek (If I remember the name correctly), so we could not stop for the long hike that we had anticipated. Day #4, Waterfalls Day, was perfect--we did four hikes that day: Shinumo Creek, Blacktail Canyon, Stone Creek, and--my favorite--Deer Creek Falls, with its long hike to the Lookout and then into the Patio. If (when!) we go again, we will try for the 7-day trip so that we will have more time for hiking. Thank you all.

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