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Awesome Experience!


| July 14, 2016

It was a trip of a lifetime - better than we could have expected!

We could not ask for a better crew. The crew made us feel like part of their families and we felt like they became part of our family!

Chappie (Corey) set a great culture for the trip. He was clearly in charge, but always ready to have fun. The trip was as safe as could be and enjoyable throughout. Skinny (Paul) was exceptionally knowledgeable about the canyon's geology and plant life, expedition history, and was always happy to answer questions about any topic. His teaching background was evident with his patience and support in every aspect of the trip. Shadrach was a youthful force on the trip. As energetic and fun as any human I have seen, he was exceptionally positive with all. Shad seemed to be having a blast, like everyone else. Shad was also always there to help people on hikes. Our two boys (and the other boys on the trip) gravitated to following Shad on hikes to find whatever adventures might follow. I appreciated that Shad always tested things out (e.g., the depth of waters) and maintained safety while making things fun for the boys and the young at heart. Johnny was very personable even though we weren't on his boat. Johnny was friendly and always willing to help with any questions or provide a quick solution. We found Johnny also very knowledgeable about the canyon and plant life.

All the guides took time to get to know the people on the tour. The crew participated while also allowing people to enjoy their tour in their own way. The food was exceptional!!! It's amazing what Western River Expeditions could pull off in terms of food in the middle of the Grand Canyon. The guides always ensured that people had enough to eat. The crew emphasized cleanliness.

In the face of an unusual sandstorm in the middle of the night and an afternoon/evening rainstorm, the crew helped make sure everyone was OK while working through the natural events.

We found the packing directions very good, with good advice to be prepared for the trip.

We STRONGLY recommend Western River Expeditions and immensely enjoyed our experience.

THANK YOU to Corey, Skinny, Johnny, Shadrach, and the Western River Expedition staff and team!!!

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