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Best Trip Ever!


| August 26, 2014

From the moment we set out to the time we left I had no bad experiences. Just being in the Grand Canyon far exceeded my expectations. Add to that the personal and professional care given to me and my fellow travelers by our river guides and it was the best trip ever.

The "lessons" on the history and geology were fun and informative and gave me more insight into what I was experiencing. I trusted the guides implicitly which allowed for a great time riding the rapids!

The food was terrific and I was well taken care of as the only vegetarian on this trip. The hikes were well worth getting past my fear of heights and the incredible pictures I was able to take will assist me in my memories for years to come.

The skill and ease of finding campsites, setting up camp, meal preparation and clean up, and breaking down camp was well choreographed and well rehearsed so there was never any stress or strain. I am in awe and very thankful that I got to experience this.

Some tips to potential travelers:
Don't pack any chocolate. It melts.
Bring a lot of bathing wipes since the Little Colorado River is muddy and not conducive to clean bathing.
Bring a pair of clean clothes to change into after showering at the Bar 10 Ranch at the end of the trip. 
Have a towel available as well. My little dirty towel was not enough!
If you bring Teva type water shoes be aware that the straps stretch and shrink from the water and can be prone to rubbing so have a back up or something to cover the problem areas.
Pack less than you think you need but be mindful of what you do pack. You will be wearing the same things over and over so they should be able to stand up to the conditions.
You never get tired of the Grand Canyon so don't bother packing any entertainment.

Have a great trip!

Abbie - CA
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