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Best White Water Rafting Vacation


| October 24, 2017

This was the best white water rafting vacation I have ever had.

Thank you Parker, Lindsey, Nick and Mickey. You guys were above and beyond amazing. We feel we had the best guides and by the end of the trip everyone feels like family. The guide's job is so much more than that title entails. These four people have amazing knowledge of the river and canyon history, they can read the rapids, keep everyone safe, fed and even entertained. We were also lucky to have an amazing group of people on our boats. I think one of the most surprising things was how well we ate. Not typical camp food.

I also feel that the J-rig boats that Western River uses are the best on the river. Everytime we passed other company's we were all thankful to be on our big blue boat!

I honestly feel we got more out of this trip than what we paid. Please everyone tip your guides they earn it.

Also most importantly LISTEN AND FOLLOW ALL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS!!!!!!! This is NOT a theme park this is the real deal. Mother Nature at her best!!!!!

Thanks again to our four guides. You all were so impressive. The rapids are serious but I always felt safe and well informed on what to expect. I'm still astonished by all the knowledge the four of you have on the Grand Canyon and river history.

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