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Breathtaking Expedition


| June 23, 2017

My guides were absolutely amazing. Evan Tea, Joe Clark, Lindsay Hale, and Ben Bressler were God-sent. Joe did an amazing job of sharing history and fun facts with my group as we were traveling down the river and we weren't in any rapids. I traveled alone and am 23 years old so I really wanted to do a little more strenuous hiking and wanted to stay a little longer than some of the older folks on the trip. They did a wonderful job of accommodating every individual's wants and needs.

I would say I would have rather spent one more day on the river than the ranch tour. Not that it was awful, but growing up on a ranch myself, I was expecting more than a few small hiking trails and a 20 minute horseback ride. It was just a little too basic for me, I actually wanted to ride my horse not just sit on the horse and let it eat the horse's tail in front of me. It was not the best. I do understand that there were a few people that had no horse experience at all but maybe in the future having a basic, intermediate, and advanced horseback ride option would be better. Also the extra expense of the ATV rides, I am very glad I paid the extra money, otherwise, I would not have been able to see the canyon from the ranch but we only stayed an hour and I feel like for $55 and not having my own ATV we could have spent hours hiking around Engagement Point when we only stayed for 15 minutes.

All in all, the trip was absolutely amazing. Camping on the river was my favorite part and the food was phenomenal. The guides made it a trip of a lifetime. I definitely will be traveling through Western River Expeditions in the future.

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