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Going Downstream on My Son’s First Introduction to the Rapid Life on the River


| July 28, 2017

We got psyched from the first day after our reservations were made, and loved the emails and videos to prepare us for this rafting trip.

The flight from Boulder City introduced us to the beauty of the canyons and waterways, and the launch at Lee's Ferry got us hooked on cool, clear, greenish waters. as the rapids increased in size and dimension, we gulped in a few splashes of the brisk, cold, refreshing waves.

The campsites were welcome refreshment after hot days on board, and we ate like kings for dinners and breakfasts every day. Cold lunches and cookies were fun, too, as were the games and interactions with other guests and our superior crew.

Spiders, stars and bats greeted us each night, and the moonlight was so bright it sometimes made sleeping difficult...

The best part of the ride was the thrill and adrenaline rush of each increasingly difficult rapid! (I worried about the safety and comfort of my youngest son, but all in vain:) he rocked the front seats on the pontoons thru most of the rapids, and relaxed viewing the cliffs, birds, and mountain creatures in between.

Our group jelled from the start, and we have lifelong relationships to cement and cherish. Thank you for the trip of a lifetime, and early Father's Day treat with my son, and for my first return to rapids after 15 years...

His first chopper flight up the cliffs made him a bit apprehensive at first, but he loved and filmed most of it as we approached the oasis of our final destination at the stellar Bar 10 Ranch. Showers and lunch after the gift store stop for jerky, river guide books, and other gifts was fun, as we prepared to fly back to Boulder City. Thanks again!

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