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Great Time


| August 17, 2016

Our trip was a great experience that the whole family enjoyed. The guides Taylor, Bryan, Steve and Alex on our trip did an amazing job. The guides were well trained and prepare to handle anything, and helped to make the trip wonderful.

The one thing that our family found that we did not know about was that all of the adventures in Cataract Canyon are the same distance, so the for the four day trip we finished our days on the water at about 2pm everyday and already at camp. This being said we would recommend that people bring a book or card games to play in the afternoon, but would suggest to everyone that the four day trip allows to enjoy much more of the canyon than the other trips because you are able to stop and take hikes as well as learn a lot about the canyon from your guides. Furthermore, we were provided with tents if you wanted them, but we suggest building a shelter as soon as you get to camp in the afternoons with the tarps that you are provided in your day bags to make some shade (you should bring string/rope) or that you bring something that will provide your family with some shade such as a small fold up sports tent.

The stars were amazing, and even though we live in a rural area, we have never seen so many stars as we did in the Cataract Canyon, and were even able to view part of the Milky Way. Sleeping out under the stars was the most beautiful part of the trip, and would suggest that people not sleep in the tent, so that you can enjoy the view (cots are provided).

During the day you will be provided with plenty of water, but make sure to bring large water bottles with clips so that during the hikes and when on the river you have something to drink out of. The food was amazing, and there was always plenty that was freshly prepared by the guides.

We loved the rapids, and would suggest to bring a camera that you could attach to your life vest to take videos of when riding the rapids.

We became close with the other families on our trip, but would suggest that everyone bring their chairs together to eat breakfast and dinner as a big group because we only did that our last night, but felt that everyone would have been even closer if we spent the entire trip that way.

This was one of the best family vacations that we have been, and would love to do this again in the future.

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