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Majestic, Tranquil and Adventure


| August 15, 2017

I was extremely hesitant to go on this trip. My husband had to bribe me with a few days in Las Vegas after the trip to get me to go. To say I was unhappy is an understatement, however now I am grateful he forced me to get out of my comfort zone and venture out into the great outdoors.

This trip was a majestic experience. From the moment we landed in Marble Canyon the experience was wonderful. I thought being unplugged would be difficult but it actually was so needed. The guides and the people we met on the expedition just added to making the trip unforgettable! Sleeping in a tent in the heat was not easy but it served as part of the experience and was a minor issue when you consider all the wonderful things we saw and experienced. Oh and the FOOD was outstanding!!!

Colorado River Rafting

Grand Canyon - 6 or 7 Day Vacation
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