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Outstanding Rogue River Rafting Trip


| August 21, 2019

If you want to get away from it all including being totally disconnected from all technology, Rogue River rafting is a wonderful, fun trip. The river and it’s surroundings are beautiful and remote from cities and civilization. The lodges where we stayed were rustic but very clean and the service was excellent.

I can’t say enough about our guides. They were terrific! They made sure that we were always safe and immediately responded to any special need. They also fixed us excellent lunches everyday.

I would recommend this trip for anyone who enjoys being immersed in nature and loves the excitement of river rapids.

Rogue River Lodge to Lodge Trip

Oregon - Rogue River Trip
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Rogue River Lodge to Lodge Trip

Rogue River Lodge to Lodge Trip

One of the most unique rafting vacations in the world. Astounding wildlife, scenery and historic river lodges each night.

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