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Unforgettable Trip


| September 14, 2017

My mom, brother, and I went on a 6-day trip through the Grand Canyon for my mom's 65th birthday. I expected to see some beautiful scenery and to experience some big rapids. What I did not expect was how much more there was to this rafting trip. The service that our guides provided us was so seamless and well planned, we felt safe and comfortable the whole time. Our boat guides, Steve and Curt knew everything about the river and canyon. They told stories and joked with us the whole time. We felt safe with them, even in the biggest, most splashy rapids. Western River Expeditions uses the J-Rig boats and we were able to sit right up front for all of the action. It was an amazingly thrilling rafting experience!

The camping and food on this trip was amazing as well. I loved waking up and drinking strong, hot coffee as the sun started to light up the walls of the canyon. It is something I will never forget. Our guides never let us get hungry and they always made meals seem fun. Even during the occasional sand storm, we all had a good laugh afterwards. There were 28 guests on the two boats that were on our trip and the worst complaint anyone had was that we were often coated with sand. That's pretty amazing for 6 days of camping in a place that is seemingly inhospitable to supporting life! Hats off to Evan, Mickey, Steve, and Curt for making my 65 year old mom, who normally hates camping, wake up with a smile each morning. I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it for myself.

Finally, our trip included all sorts of side trips and hikes to amazing, hidden spots on the river. Our guides took us to play in places like the teal blue waters of the Little Colorado and to waterfalls and beautiful pools of water to swim in. We had adventures and laughed so much. My mom and brother and I bonded during these hikes and shared some great memories. It was really a great trip.

I highly recommend Western Rivers Expeditions for their service and attention to details. This was a trip worth every penny and one that is unforgettable in so many ways.

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