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Worth Every Penny!!!


| June 13, 2017

We (my husband and sons, ages 21 and 19, and my dad) decided that this trip was a "now or never" experience: with my oldest son graduating college and starting his career, and my dad turning 71 this year, the window of opportunity was closing fast. I was soooooo apprehensive about the cost: it was a lot of money for a 3 day trip...or so I thought. I couldn't have been more pleased with our adventure!!! It was simply the best money I have ever spent! From the plane ride, to the helicopter into the Grand Canyon (even though my husband had his cell phone sucked out the window...don't ask!) to the meals, the guides, the scenery, sleeping under the was truly the trip of a lifetime!

My dad is thinking about doing the 6 or 7 day trip next year! (I may have to tag along!) Honestly though, it was our guides that made the trip so fantastic! They made you feel comfortable and safe (as much as you can in the Grand Canyon wilderness with sand in every crevasse of your body!) And their stories were fantastic...especially the one about the snakes crossing the river!😂 I have travelled extensively, and this was quite possibly the best vacation ever!

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